WASD for movement

LMB to shoot

RMB to grab materials

R to reset

Made withUnity


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I know this is a prototype, but I think your name could be more expressive of the content I'm going to experience.  Names are an essential way we interact with media, and coming up with even a functional name ("Masocore Puzzle Platformer") is valuable design work, which will give your audience a good idea of what you're trying to convey, and internally give you a way of referring to the game without "ownership" - "this is XX's prototype".  I'd challenge you to come up with a more creative name that just a functional one.

It is very easy to make the game reset itself if the player is below a certain Y-value.  This kind of quality-of-test changes are important to identify and add to prototypes that are going out into the world - they show polish as a designer.

The fire puzzle is difficult because of the way your implementation works, not because of a legitimate player challenge - it was long after I knew what I had to do that I was able to do it, and it wasn't based on learning a skill.

This is pretty interesting. It has some communication issues -- it's a bummer to completely fall off of the level when the power goes out on the platforms without any warning, and I can't tell if I'm supposed to be able to do something with the steel. but overall it's some cool little interactions. It does on some level feel like a tech demo, since we're really only seeing those interactions in seclusion and not getting a chance to really experiment with the combination of them, but i do think we start to get an idea of how a game like this might work. It's good work for sure... but it totally misses for me on the creative challenge. I don't think about resources for a second here -- I'm not thinking 'hmmm there are only two fires left so i'd better be careful putting them in the pool' or anything like that, it's really just a puzzle. So I'd think about, if you were to continue with this, how you could bring it back to that resource question.

I love it. I can't get past the ice part because I'm bad at games that involve skill and timing, but I love the interactions.